Klank als de stilte tussen de golven...

"Life is a house made of sound and people are made from that sound.
Since people are made of sound, listening is important.
To become a true human one must be conscious of listening and hearing the voice of the Great Mystery speaking through everything, through the sound of a tree or the bird fying overhead, or the wind in the room, or someone breathing, or someone talking, or a moment of silence.
The activity of sound is what made the people.
It is, therefore, simply through listening and using that listening and paying attention,that one finds the guidance of the Great Mystery along the path of life."
Joesp Rael

Flowing in the earth beneath our feet, throughout every cell in our body, and permeating all realms is a stream which echoes everywhere and yet remains invisible and inaudible to most. This current is always moving; it is alive with a radiance that sustains all life. It is a Divine River of Vibration emanating with the Consciousness that pervades all created form. This spiritual sound vibration is the primordial, magnetic life force of creation; the sound of the Godhead in action. It is the keynote upon which the Universe is built.
"It is a language which has never been spoken or written. It is the everliving melody that cannot be recorded on bars and spaces. Its notes are beyond the strings of any earthly instruments. Its inspiring chorus rings through every chamber of the soul, but there is no way to convey the idea to other peopke who have not heard it." Julian Johnson
The Sound current is much like a river that flows in all directions, both to and from the ocean; we are like the salmon returning on the stream, following the pure subtle sounds that guide our Soul to its ultimate destination.
"This wave has two aspects, a centrifugal flow and a centripetal flow. It moves outward from the central dynamo of all creation and it flows back toward that dynamo. Moving upon that Current, all power and all life appear to flow outward to the uttermost bounds of creation, and again upon it all life appears to be returning toward its source."

"The whole Universe is resounding with the Sound, and thou hast only to open the door of thine ears.
For opening the ears, it is sufficient to stop hearing the outer sounds. If jou do this, you will hear the perpetual and unending Sound. It is Infinite and has no beginning nor end, and on account of that, it is called Anhad (without any limits). Without this Word - the Eternal Sound - an expression of the Infinite, the world could not have come into existence. Hold communion with the Melodious Sound and lose yourself in it, O wise man." Shah Niaz

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